How to Solve VPN Error 800?

July 5, 2017 Internet services, Technologies Comments Off on How to Solve VPN Error 800?

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN service has become the norm these days. It is used by organizations to secure their employee’s access to sensitive company data and also by the privacy-minded individual users who want to remain safe on the internet.

Though technology has to reach sky height, we still face some glitches which are also true in the case of VPN. Sometimes you will not be able to connect to your VPN service and get an error message.

The most common among them is the VPN error 800 with the message “Unable to establish the VPN connection”. To solve the problem, let us first know what causes it.

Causes of VPN Error 800

One of the most common errors you would face, it happens when you are trying to connect to a VPN server through a new connection. The VPN server for some reason is not able to receive the messages sent out from your end. It may be caused by-

  • Loss of connection from the local network
  • Incorrect address or name of the VPN server is provided
  • VPN connection is blocked by a network firewall

Solutions for VPN Error 800

There are many guides on how to solve problems with your VPN connection in internet, you can find some on credible sources such as The actual tips there will help you to use VPN service in the correct way. You can perform the following steps to resolve the problem in your VPN connection.

1. Check the Network connection between your PC and VPN Server

To check whether the connection is functioning normally, you can ping the VPN server. It may not always work as some of them are configured to bypass ICMP requests.

Next thing you can do is to try connecting again after a few minutes which can work in case of sporadic network failures.

You should also try connecting from another device which will determine if the problem lies with the specific computer.

2. Input Accurate VPN Server Credentials

The VPN name or address you provide must match the one assigned by the VPN provider. Check if the VPN service has changed the IP address of the server in case you have entered the old one. Changing of IP address is more common with DHCP networks.

It is better to type the address of the server than using the IP address, as there are fewer chances of human error.

3. Find the Firewall

To check whether your firewall is the culprit behind the problem, disable it and try connecting to your VPN service.

If that is the case then you need to configure the firewall settings related to the port numbers utilized by the VPN. Specifically look into IP port 47 and TCP port 1723 if you are using a Windows VPN service.

The changes can be made through the broadband router you are using at home. If that doesn’t solve the problem then go for a firmware update for your router.

The above steps should solve the problem of VPN error 800. If not, then the VPN server may be offline or temporarily unavailable.

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Is there law for dog bite?

June 8, 2017 Animals Laws Comments Off on Is there law for dog bite?

Though seem awkward to many, the dog bite law is a reality in the UK and therefore it should be taken very seriously. Formerly known as Dangerous Dogs Act it became law in the UK in 1991. The main issue behind the problem was the issues public was facing by dogs back then and it needed an immediate solution. Since inception, the law has been changed several times to make sure that the best outcome is provided to general public. The number of dogs is increasing in the UK with every passing year and therefore there is a strong need for such act and its enforcement. The lawyers can work at their very best to make sure that dog bite cases are catered.  There are many firms working in the UK to make sure that this act is used to win cases, so you can find appropriate one at Solicitors Guru database as well as useful guides like helpful materials on no win no fee matter that could save you few pounds on legal fees. There are certain points which should be considered in regard of dog attack and some of these are:

  • Dog injures someone
  • The behavior of the dog is such that it raises suspicions of attack
  • Attack on another dog

Severe emotional issues and sometimes trauma can be faced if the dog bite is suffered. However, the dog’s bite Act and its application are done only if the severity of incident is reported correctly. From slim fines and charges to hefty prison sentences and unlimited fines are some of the issues which dog owner can face. Some of the points worth considering in this regard are as follows:

  • 6 months in prison for out of control dog if brought to public place and the incident has occurred due to mishandling
  • Unlimited fine can also be imposed if dog bite has been suffered and proven in court
  • Dangerous injury can land the owner of dog in prison for up to 5 years
  • If dog bite results in homicide then the owner can face 14 years of the sentence with the unlimited fine imposed

However, it should also be considered that these are not the only regulations which come under this law. A dog must be fully covered or secured in such a manner that such incident does not occur. It means collar must be worn in public. The complete details of the owner must be there on the collar and it should also include the contact number. The microchippings of dogs have also been enforced since 2015 and therefore it should be done to make sure that the info on dogs remains with the Government of the UK. The dog bite case is not easy to win if an experience is not at disposal of the party. The dog bite Act has been in place for a very long time now and therefore the law firms have in practice consistently. It is therefore advised to all victims of such incidents to get the helping hand they require so that the best outcome is generated.

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